About Bobby


by Karen Marchbank from UK Newspaper, The Sunday Times.

Variously dubbed a “whizz kid”, “super techie” and “the fixer” there is no problem too big or too complicated for Bobby Jimenez. He readily admits that he “eats, drinks and sleeps” technology and spends every spare moment of his day researching emerging technology and promising solutions.

His passion for all things techie has given Bobby the edge when putting together tailor-made packages for a wide range of companies and businesses. That and an instinctive knack for translating concepts into innovative solutions.

Bobby’s love of all things technological has spanned more than three decades since the tender age of three when (to his mother’s dismay!) he began dismantling any appliance he could get his hands on. An avid computer fan before his teens, Bobby’s precocious talent was already on display at 10 when he attended his first computer club alongside teenagers and young adults.

“I see it as an art form,” says Bobby. “When potential problem is presented to me, I already have two or three solutions in my head. Then I explore the options to find which one works best and present my recommendations. I never see them as problems – I see them as new challenges for which I can find solutions.”

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